Estonian Employers’ Confederation is looking for the best internship vacancies

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation invites companies to apply for the best internship competition. The aim of the competition is to highlight employers who offer internships to students. The term for applications is 12 June 2022.

According to Education Adviser of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Anneli Entson, the impact of the competition, now in its seventh year, is significant. ‘Participation in the best internship competition has become part of the employer’s image, bringing the message of a successful company to young people, where they want to go for internships and work,’ she said. ‘As a new feature from this year, we are offering employers the opportunity to participate in a mentoring morning, where companies at the forefront of providing internships will share their experiences. We will talk about the key factors for a successful internship, from the point of view of both the internship vacancy and the intern,’ Entson explained.

Last year, Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ took home the prize for the best regional internship provider. ‘Incap has always attached great importance to training young people and giving them practical work experience. Firstly, it will help to showcase the electronics sector as an exciting and attractive career choice and contribute to the next generation. Secondly, internships give young people the chance to try out their own skills in the field, in addition to the knowledge they have gained in school, and to give us a fresh perspective with new ideas. Therefore, it is a win-win situation, which is why we will continue to include interns in our team,’ said Greg Grace, the head of the company.

Two young people are also currently doing their internships at Incap. ‘We encourage the involvement of young people, as well as the sharing of their experiences and participation in the competition, for all companies to further highlight the importance of succession of young people,’ Grace said.

Around 26 thousand vocational students and 42 thousand students study in Estonia, and they all have to complete an internship during their studies. ‘We encourage employers to offer internships, as this is the best way to get employees with the right attitude and skills,’ Entson said.

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation selects the best internships in four categories: the grand prize will go to the employer that has systematically and consistently provided internships and work-based learning, while the title of best regional internship will go to the employer that has added value to the local community. The best small business apprenticeship award will be given to an employer who, as a small business with up to 49 employees, demonstrates a systematic approach to providing internships. In addition, an award was given to the Best Employer Supporting Internships for International Students.

Enterprises, vocational education institutions, universities of applied sciences, and universities are invited to nominate enterprises and foundations that have provided internship or apprenticeship opportunities during 2021. To participate in the competition, please fill in the questionnaire on 12 June, at the latest. You can fill in the questionnaire HERE.

In previous years, the following employers have received recognition: AS G4S Eesti, Balti Logistika AS, Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ, Cybernetica AS, Magnetic MRO AS, PCC Projekt AS, Eesti Energia AS, SEB Pank AS, ABB AS, SA Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla, Swedbank AS, Naudingumaitse OÜ, Wendre AS, Fortaco Estonia OÜ, TOP Marine OÜ, Hanza Mechanics Tartu AS and Gurmeeklubi OÜ, Ericsson Eesti AS, Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Velvet OÜ, Wermo AS, SA Pärnu Haigla.

In addition to the award, the employer who has received recognition as the Best Internship Provider will be presented with a special label to use on their website, in promotional materials, and publications. The competition is organised and funded by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

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