Our Activities

In defending employers’ interests, all critical processes, decisions, and discussions that directly or indirectly affect the Estonian business environment, labor, education, and tax policies are in our focus. We consider substantive dialogue with decision-makers, policy-makers, and interest groups to be very important. We daily explain the consequences and potential impacts of various scenarios to policymakers and advise on making the best decisions to accelerate Estonia’s economic development. We are a credible partner to the government, parliament, political parties, and the wider public.

Our opinion is highly valued in matters affecting Estonian life, and our positions are taken into account. We want Estonia’s success story to continue and that strategic choices made at the national level would be directed towards the future and consider the interests of entrepreneurs. We have also contributed to the abandonment of several plans that would drastically change our country’s existing direction, after consulting with employers.

Over the years, we have been involved in several developments of symbolic importance where employers have directly contributed to directing the development of the Estonian state. The proposals of the Employers’ Manifest, compiled every four years before the elections, have reached both the election programs of political parties and government agreements. With our support, initiatives have been launched to reduce social tax, implement state reform, amend the Public Procurement Act, legislate long-term notification of tax changes, and reduce the increase in the VAT rate for accommodation expenses. We also supported the launch of the “Work in Estonia” program to attract educated foreign specialists, among other things.