About Us

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation with its more than 100 years of history is the most influential representative organisation of entrepreneurs, which creates businesses an opportunity to actively engage in economic policy.

Our mission is to contribute to Estonia’s economic growth and increase the people’s standard of living.

To this end, we need a state where the economic engine drives Estonia vibrantly forward. We have to join our power of thought and energy to keep this engine in a good condition. 

To this end, we

  • influence legislators and the government to take decisions contributing to economic growth and a better enterprise environment
  • provide entrepreneurs and their associations with the knowledge to help them grow and achieve more; 
  • Inform the public about the economy and the role of employers and entrepreneurs. 

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation includes all main industry associations and many large businesses in Estonia. Directly and through industry associations, we represent around 2000 companies employing in excess of 250 000 people.