The Chamber of Innovation Acceleration

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation has put together an innovation working group which we call the Chamber of Innovation Acceleration. Its activities are designed to trigger an impulse in innovation to raise the profitability and competitiveness of Estonian companies once again. We have already contributed to the national Research, Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy 2021-2035 and to the creation of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency and the applied research programme planned by the state. In cooperation with Statistics Estonia, we have simplified the research and development survey for entrepreneurs, held numerous meetings with experts in the field of innovation and more.

Our goals:

  • Estonian Privat Sector investments into R&D grow from 1% to 2% of GDP
  • Productivity ratio is 110% of EU average

Our initiatives:

  • 2% Club
  • Innovation steps
  • Active integrator of innovation ecosystems 

In case of questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

Kati Rostfeldt

Innovation advisor

+372 517 7473


Ivo Suursoo

Head of the Chamber of Innovation Acceleration