The highest body of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation is the General Assembly, which convenes once a year. Among other things, the exclusive competence of the General Assembly includes the election of Council members and the approval of the confederation’s annual financial report.

The Council is a 30-member body consisting of representatives of the Confederation, which performs the duties of the General Assembly within the scope specified in the articles of association and usually convenes once a month. Council members are elected for three years, and the council is led by a Chairman (President) and up to five vice-chairmen, who are elected by its members for three years. In the absence of the President, one of the vice-chairmen replaces them.

Since 2019, the President of the Employers’ Confederation Council has been Kai Realo, who was elected to lead the Council for a second three-year period in February 2022.

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation’s daily work is led by the Managing Director, who is also appointed by the Council for a three-year period. In the spring of 2019, Arto Aas took up the position of Managing Director of the Employers’ Confederation, and his mandate was extended in April 2022 for the next three years.”